Why do we need a Strong Immunity?


They say: A healthy immunity system stops the cancer cells from being active. Immunity Boost Heath and Cancer Blog

When the immunity system is broken the dormant cancer cells can become activated.

They say: A strong healthy Immunity will keep cancer sells Dormant ?

Therefore it is important to have a strong immunity.

They say: Cancer can not survive in an alkaline body?

It is so important to do all we can to achieve and maintain an alkaline body.

They say: The body creates a tumor around an active cancer cell to protect the body?

A repaired strong immunity can also deactivate the cancer cell and remove the tumor.

They say: Abnormal blood vessel heath and growth is now recognized as the “common denominator” for many deadly and debilitating conditions.

           Proper nutrition is No1 to optimize blood production, and maintain overall health

By fixing the original health problems, which put your body in a bad way in the first place, rebuilding your immunity system and feeding your blood with lots of natural vitamins and minerals you stand a far better chance of fighting cancer, and quite a few other serious illnesses as well.


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