My Cancer Tips


The Further you are in to Cancer the more `RAW´ your food must be.

Start the day by Juicing. You should see a major improvement in your health and energy in two weeks.

For Breakfast. Boost your body with Protein, Energy, Vitamins.

Understand all the possible side effects from your treatment. Be ready for them, and act on the signs before its to late!

Drink plenty of fluid. When you’re going through cancer treatment, it’s important that you don’t get dehydrated. When there isn’t enough water in your system, it can’t work the way it should.
Fluid has many jobs in your body:
Controls your heart rate and your blood pressure
Keeps your body temperature steady
Removes toxins and waste
Carries nutrients and oxygen around your body
Protects organs, tissues, and joints

Your Blood: I can not stress how important your blood is to your survival. Three years after the event I am fitter and healthier then I have been for many years. To check how my body is holding up I take a full blood test and compair it to previous tests. Your Blood test shows all.



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