Why Detox the Blood & Body

Immunity Treatment

You may have had chemotherapy, radiotherapy, antibiotics, Chemicals

So to get your body running again you need to detox !

Your immunity system needs to first clean the blood before it can start repairing the body’s organs.

To help the immunity system to “Wake up and Function”, we need to remove all the toxin’s from your Blood & Body.

Look for products that will remove chemicals from the Blood & Body. 

Important: make sure Everything you consume is Organic and pesticide free.

The object of detoxing is to Remove Chemicals from your Body and stop putting more chemicals back in.

After six months of treatment the hospital said I  was Cancer free ” Fantastic ”  

Unfortunately my Blood & Body was full of Toxic chemicals. The chemicals that were used to treat me were still in my body

Blood circulates your body every 3 1/2 minutes, flowing through all your organs,

You are your blood

If your blood is full of toxic Chemicals you will slowly DIE.

which is why I developed metastatic cancer !

Blood & Body must be Detoxed & Saturated with Raw Natural Vitamins









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