The daily drink

Turmeric (1 root)cancer detox 2 150x150 - The daily drink
Ginger to taste
Lemon 1/2
Warm Water (35 deg max)

Detox your liver: Reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, ease pain, and reduce nausea and digestive disorders.

This is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, Drink.

Do not put these ingredients into boiling water as it will kill the vitamins.

Make One glass in the morning and regularly top up with water and lemon through the day.

You can also add a green tea bag.

Water: Always make sure the water is fluoride free.

Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body, these include improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits.

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What not to Drink


Sugary Drinks: Coke Cola Red Bull etc.
Cows Milk
Coffee & Tea Alcohol

Why we should not drink Milk:

No animal drinks the milk of another animal

Milk builds phlegm in the stomach

Cow’s milk has a high amount of lactose

Why we should not drink Coffee & Tea:

Caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, increased heart and breathing rate. Replace with chickaree coffee, green tea, herbal teas

Why we should not drink Alcohol:

Alcohol acts directly on the liver, The liver is the tool that cleans the blood. If the Liver is in poor health the blood does not get cleaned

Why we should not drink Sugary Drinks:

Sugary drinks ( red bull, Coca Cola etc. ) have the ability to “CLOSE DOWN” the bodies immunity for hours at a time while the liver tries to clean and process the contents

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How to use Bicarbonate & Soda ?

cancer bicarbinate1 - How to use Bicarbonate & Soda ?

How to make and administer a dose of bicarbonate & soda.cancer bicarbinate1 - How to use Bicarbonate & Soda ?

I drank this solution first thing in the morning when my stomach was empty when the solution can have maximum effect on the liver.

We add honey to trick your liver into excepting something sweet.

I used this for 10 day then rested for 5 days.

My Bicarbonate & Soda Recipe

1 Take a small glass and add a tee spoon of bicarbonate & soda.

2 Add nearly boiling water about 3 mouth falls in quantity and mix, you will find that it all bubbles together.

3 Add a tea spoon of honey, mix until it melts.

4 Drink the solution.

Bicarbonate & Soda Video

Please watch this video, This Guy is really into the benefits of Bicarbonate & Soda.

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Vegan and organic wine just went mainstream

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vegan and organic wine just went mainstream - Vegan and organic wine just went mainstream

Vegan and organic wine just went mainstream

The Veo Wines range is vegan, organic and bursting with flavour from grape seed to bottle


vegan and organic wine just went mainstream - Vegan and organic wine just went mainstream


You can now order a beautiful range of environmentally friendly vegan and organic wines delivered to your door, but did you know that not all wines were created equal?


Some wines contain the animal derivatives, isinglass and gelatine – which are used in the fining process to help make the wine clear and smooth – therefore, lots of wines are not vegan.


vegan and organic wine just went mainstream 1 - Vegan and organic wine just went mainstream


Finding wines free from animal products, that taste great and are environmentally friendly, can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for variety. Enter: Veo Wines, who source their vegan and organic wines exclusively from smaller producers and skilled winemakers worldwide.


The wines Veo Wines sell have virtually no additives. There’s nothing added to stimulate the aroma, texture, colour or flavour of the wine, and you won’t find them on supermarket shelves. Unlike lots of other wine vendors – who sell vegan and organic wines alongside their traditional offering – every sip of Veo Wine is free from animal products and was organically produced. There’s absolutely no pouring over ingredients labels required.


‘We Understand Vegan Wine Struggles’

The company was the brainchild of Matt Buckley, Matthew Smith and Sarah Gate, who spent over a year making sure their offering was bringing something new to UK wine-drinkers.


“We understand the struggles vegans face when they want to buy wine,” says Matt Buckley, founder of Veo Wines.


“Because winemakers are not obligated to display their ingredients on their bottles, it can make finding wine difficult for people who are vegan or plant-based, and it’s important we return to more traditional winemaking practices for the sake of the environment.”


vegan and organic wine just went mainstream 2 - Vegan and organic wine just went mainstream


“We also think organic wines have a richer flavour,” Matthew adds.


“We created Veo Wines for people who want really tasty vegan and organic wines delivered to their door, and we’ve had a great response so far.”


Vegan Variety

Veo Wines have a huge variety of delicious wines for sale on their website, from deep, fruity reds to fresh and vibrant whites, not to mention a great range of sparkling wines.


vegan and organic wine just went mainstream 3 - Vegan and organic wine just went mainstream


Every single bottle is sourced from smaller wine producers and organic vineyards throughout France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, England, Austria, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.


Lockdown Creativity

“We’re not your average lockdown business,” Matt says.


Lockdown brought with it an explosion of creativity and innovation, and has seen the formation of countless power-teams and imaginative ideas, but the Veo Wines team insist they’re not just another lockdown project, though they admit the current global climate spurred them on.


“We’ve been talking about Veo Wines for well over a year,” says Sarah. “Matt and I have worked together on various other projects, and our individual skills complement each other.”


vegan and organic wine just went mainstream 4 - Vegan and organic wine just went mainstream


“We love wine, we’re environmentally conscious individuals, and we really wanted to deliver an easy-to-navigate solution for people looking for really good vegan and organic wine. It’s a simple idea, but we think it will make buying this type of wine so much easier.”


You can order by the bottle, or create your own case. If you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing – or you want to try a good variety from the Veo Wines range – you could try a pre-mixed case.


To help curious and exploratory wine drinkers, the team spent time pulling together a number of pre-mixed cases, composed of their favourites. 


“We think they’re a really good place to start if people are looking for variety,” says Matt. “And team Veo had great fun putting them together!”





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