How important is slow Juicing?

Immunity Treatment

The more Critical your health, the more you need to Slow Juice each day.

Slow juicing is the secret to “Energizing the Blood

Blood circulates around the body every 3 minutes and carries nutrients to “ALL the ORGANS”.

There are various recipes , but one in particular I made every morning (see under Food)

A Slow Juicer removes the pulp: when the Stomach does not need to heat and break down the Juice, the nutrient value in the vitamins stays at a Maximum.

Juice flows quickly in to the lower stomach, feeds the liver and hence enriches the blood, as quick as 20 minutes on an empty stomach

Drink Juice not Water: water washes nutrients out of your body.

Do Not drink Juice with a Meal: its important that the juice is digested quickly.

“Soon to die people” have turned there lives around and survived after 2 weeks of constant Juicing!!


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