How important is slow Juicing?

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The more Critical your health, the more you need to Slow Juice each day.cancer juice 4 235x300 - How important is slow Juicing?

Slow juicing is the secret to “Energizing the Blood

Blood circulates around the body every 3 minutes and carries nutrients to “ALL the ORGANS”.

There are various recipes , but one in particular I made every morning (see under Food)

A Slow Juicer removes the pulp: when the Stomach does not need to heat and break down the Juice, the nutrient value in the vitamins stays at a Maximum.

Juice flows quickly in to the lower stomach, feeds the liver and hence enriches the blood, as quick as 20 minutes on an empty stomach

Drink Juice not Water: water washes nutrients out of your body.

Do Not drink Juice with a Meal: its important that the juice is digested quickly.

“Soon to die people” have turned there lives around and survived after 2 weeks of constant Juicing!!

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