Strengthen your immune system

Immunity Guide

Your Immunity is fueled by what you eat and drink.

If your stomach can not digest the food you eat, you will become slow, unhealthy, you will put on weight and you will not be able to think clearly.

Your immunity will slow down and in some cases shut down completely.

If your immunity has closed down, your body is now desperately trying to get the immunity running again.

Whilst your immunity is shut down, nasty things are allowed to grow in your body like cancer cells which are normally dormant.

One large glass of Coca-Cola can stop the immunity for up to 3 hours.

Once the body’s immunity is broken we need to take steps to rebuild it.

This is where the next problem happens, Imagine you need treatment to fix your body, which entails radiation, chemicals, Antibiotics, chemotherapy!!!

Imagine the mess your immunity system is now in !! ( detox your Blood )

The purpose of this website is to show by natural ways, how we can  “Fix my Broken Immunity”




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