Immunity Treatment

On one side it is so important to get enough sleep, try to achieve 8 hours minimum per day.

It is also very important to get regular exercise, resting on the sofa is not good for the circulation.

When you are undergoing chemo you must be so aware of side effects, there are many !!

We need to go back to basics to move forward with your health.
Nature gives us all we need.
Remove all man made food from your diet.
Learn to listen to your body.
Fresh air, Oxygen, Sun, Exercise, is a must.

After my treatment I could walk no more than 50 meters, I kept exercising and building myself up than I bought an electric bike, put my 3 year old daughter on the back, eventually I was able to cycle up a 1000 meters to the top of a mountain next to where we lived.
(I’m not suggesting you must find a mountain and cycle up it ?)



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