Vitamin BIO Tablets

Immunity Treatment

Yes, my selection of tablet containers does look like I have opened a Pharmacy.

When, we made the decision to go it alone we found a privet clinic near Munich by the name of Dr Irene Zandanel.

There were two parts to the treatment:

1, A blood infusion to pump up the blood.

2, Lots of natural vitamin tablets to boost the bodies organs. ( No Chemicals )

The infusions were quarterly, based on results from a full blood test.

Supplemented by a daily intake of tablets.

I also took 2 courses of 6 tablets to kill parasites’ plus a monthly cleaner.

Dr Zandanel was very focused on finding the original cause of the Cancer.

Dr Zandanel’s theory was that cancer is actually a “Parasite” and based her theory on the

Russian Professor Tamara Lebedewa.


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