How important is slow Juicing?

Immunity Treatment

The more Critical your health, the more you need to Slow Juice each day.

Slow juicing is the secret to “Energizing the Blood

Blood circulates around the body every 3 minutes and carries nutrients to “ALL the ORGANS”.

There are various recipes , but one in particular I made every morning (see under Food)

A Slow Juicer removes the pulp: when the Stomach does not need to heat and break down the Juice, the nutrient value in the vitamins stays at a Maximum.

Juice flows quickly in to the lower stomach, feeds the liver and hence enriches the blood, as quick as 20 minutes on an empty stomach

Drink Juice not Water: water washes nutrients out of your body.

Do Not drink Juice with a Meal: its important that the juice is digested quickly.

“Soon to die people” have turned there lives around and survived after 2 weeks of constant Juicing!!



Immunity Treatment

On one side it is so important to get enough sleep, try to achieve 8 hours minimum per day.

It is also very important to get regular exercise, resting on the sofa is not good for the circulation.

When you are undergoing chemo you must be so aware of side effects, there are many !!

We need to go back to basics to move forward with your health.
Nature gives us all we need.
Remove all man made food from your diet.
Learn to listen to your body.
Fresh air, Oxygen, Sun, Exercise, is a must.

After my treatment I could walk no more than 50 meters, I kept exercising and building myself up than I bought an electric bike, put my 3 year old daughter on the back, eventually I was able to cycle up a 1000 meters to the top of a mountain next to where we lived.
(I’m not suggesting you must find a mountain and cycle up it ?)



Why Detox the Blood & Body

Immunity Treatment

You may have had chemotherapy, radiotherapy, antibiotics, Chemicals

So to get your body running again you need to detox !

Your immunity system needs to first clean the blood before it can start repairing the body’s organs.

To help the immunity system to “Wake up and Function”, we need to remove all the toxin’s from your Blood & Body.

Look for products that will remove chemicals from the Blood & Body. 

Important: make sure Everything you consume is Organic and pesticide free.

The object of detoxing is to Remove Chemicals from your Body and stop putting more chemicals back in.

After six months of treatment the hospital said I  was Cancer free ” Fantastic ”  

Unfortunately my Blood & Body was full of Toxic chemicals. The chemicals that were used to treat me were still in my body

Blood circulates your body every 3 1/2 minutes, flowing through all your organs,

You are your blood

If your blood is full of toxic Chemicals you will slowly DIE.

which is why I developed metastatic cancer !

Blood & Body must be Detoxed & Saturated with Raw Natural Vitamins









The daily drink

Turmeric (1 root)
Ginger to taste
Lemon 1/2
Warm Water (35 deg max)

Detox your liver: Reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, ease pain, and reduce nausea and digestive disorders.

This is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, Drink.

Do not put these ingredients into boiling water as it will kill the vitamins.

Make One glass in the morning and regularly top up with water and lemon through the day.

You can also add a green tea bag.

Water: Always make sure the water is fluoride free.

Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body, these include improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits.


Vitamin BIO Tablets

Immunity Treatment

Yes, my selection of tablet containers does look like I have opened a Pharmacy.

When, we made the decision to go it alone we found a privet clinic near Munich by the name of Dr Irene Zandanel.

There were two parts to the treatment:

1, A blood infusion to pump up the blood.

2, Lots of natural vitamin tablets to boost the bodies organs. ( No Chemicals )

The infusions were quarterly, based on results from a full blood test.

Supplemented by a daily intake of tablets.

I also took 2 courses of 6 tablets to kill parasites’ plus a monthly cleaner.

Dr Zandanel was very focused on finding the original cause of the Cancer.

Dr Zandanel’s theory was that cancer is actually a “Parasite” and based her theory on the

Russian Professor Tamara Lebedewa.


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