Immunity Boosting Plan

Immunity Guide

Below is the daily plan I stringently kept to for a year.


1. PH Level: Check your PH levels every day

2. Start the day: with Bicarbonate & Soda allow 20 minutest to digest.

3. Daily Drink: Create the daily health drink and top it up through the day

4. Juice: Try to juice and drink the complete container, allow one hour to digest.

5. Breakfast: Try to make this healthy breakfast. This meal will energize you.

6. Vitamin Tablets: After breakfast consume a cocktail of BIO vitamin tablets

7. Lunch / Dinner: Salad or Curry

8. Exercise: go for a walk, cyclic ride or exercise at home. 

9. Afternoon drink: Green tea, Herbal tea or more daily juice.

10. Afternoon: Eat one piece of turmeric root

11. Before Bed: Take Omni BioTic to help the overnight digestion, and Astrozym to help the liver and stomach bacteria



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