My Story with Stomach Cancer


The reason I fight the cancer

In early January, 2017 I was trying to ski in Austria, I had put on a lot of weight, tired and sweating profusely,

I stopped, sat down in the snow, wondering what on earth was the matter with me?

Over the previous two years, I had ignored the signs of illness and self treated myself.

On three occasions Black Stool (blood in the upper digestion): If I stopped drinking coffee the problem went away after 3 days!

Indigestion: If I took a few Rennie or Gaviscon tablets, or glass of Coke Cola, the problem would go away !

Thursday 12th January I visited the local hospital, told my story, I was given an upper gastric endoscopy and a blood test.

By Monday I was diagnose with Stage 3 stomach cancer with a 6 cm tumor, caused by an ulcer, followed by helicobacter, and a sugar habit I underwent a 12 week cycle of chemo, an operation to remove most of my stomach, followed by a further 12 weeks of chemo.

The side effects from the treatment whilst in hospital were horrendous, including thrombosis in the left lower leg, a pulmonary embolism, lung infections,  pneumonia, unable to go to the toilet, I was fitted with a valve to get chemo in, and blood out.

The whole time I kept strong, when friends visited me in hospital they would find me trying to walk up and down the Hospital corridors.

When I came out of hospital and finished another course of chemo, I spent the next 4 months rehabilitating my self, initially I could only walk 100 meters without a rest, I incurred damage to the nerves in my fingers and toes, vertigo, no energy, daily stomach dumping, referred pain in my back, and I lost 25 kg in weight.

Over the next few months, I did my best to rehabilitate my self, with daily exercise, good food, plenty of sleep and rest.

By September 2017 I was declared Cancer free, but I continued with a 80mg daily dose of heparin for the thrombosis.

By this time I had gone back to work, on one side it kept me focused, but on the other side, I was not working on building up my destroyed immunity, and cleaning out the killer chemicals floating around my body, and I had also gone back to my old ways to eating and drinking.

The problem with a stomach the size of a small Mc Donald’s Berger is you need to turn the food around fast and extract a lot of nutriments.

January 2018, and 1 year after being diagnosed with cancer. My skin looked yellow, and I was still under weight and was regularly sick in the evening. I visited the Hospital for the quarterly CT scan followed by an MRI scan, I was informed that I had metastatic cancer of the liver and spine.

I was given the following options: 1. No chemo and 6 months to live 2. cycles of chemo with up to 2 years to live. I chose ‘No chemo and 6 months to live’, and discharged my self from the hospital.

I Stopped taking the heparin, which destroys your bones, and with the help and direction from my fiancé (Now wife), the positive-energy of my beautiful daughter, and urge to live I took on the battle to beat Cancer.

To date (Jan 2021), life is good!

This website “Immunity Boost” is about how “I live with Cancer the Natural way”.


My Story on How we Stoped Cancer


You will see across this website how we built a program to Concore my Cancer.

First view the “Immunity Boosting Plan” to get an overview.

Update: May 2019. I have just had a blood test and an ultra sound covering heart, liver, stomach, left leg, other than some white scaring on my liver, the Doctor said: all looks good, and is questioning the original diagnoses by both Kufstein & Innsbruck Hospitals!

For me the big question is: Has this diet been a waste of time, or has boosting my immunity stopped an aggressive liver and back cancer?

I have to say, that since going on the diet, I have felt much better then before the diet, far more energy, and no stomach issues, and my sight has improved. ( could be the carrots!)


Cancer can not live in an Alkaline body


I believe that to stop cancer it is important to stop feeding the cancer with sugar

To do this you must change your body from Acidic to Alkaline.  

The goal is to get your morning urine pH between 6.5 and 7.5

  1. Ban bread and cake (bakery)
    On the acid-alkaline scale, most grains fall into the acidic range.
  2. Chuck the condiments.
    Most condiments, like ketchup, miso, mayonnaise or mustard are highly acidic. Also steer clear of canned vegetables, canned tuna and peanut butter
  3. Boost your beans and seeds.
    navy and lima beans are all highly alkaline, while caraway, cumin, fennel and sesame seeds are good for raising pH.
  4. Get rid of artificial sweeteners, but keep your stevia.
    Popular sugar alternatives like honey, xylitol and beet sugar are all acidic, but stevia is alkaline.
  5. Reduce alcohol, dairy, coffee and tea.

Your wine and cheese habit isn’t doing your pH any favors, so minimize these foods.

For fruits: avoid pomegranates, pineapples and raspberries.
For vegetables: almost all are alkaline unless they are pickled vegetables and green leafy foods

We need to be careful when we are focusing on becoming Alkaline, as the Alkaline effect can damage the liver.


Mind over Matter


Start ever day new.

Set your self daily challenges.

Develop a Food & Juice routine, and an Exercise plan.

Problems in your daily life may now become too much to coup with. So you end up doing nothing, or you can go to work, but not deal with your personal life. I found the solution to this is to break issues down into daily tasks that are achievable, and set your self a new task every day.

Do Not carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, if you have been told you are going to die, the body and mind may / will have gone in to shock, this is a challenge you must rise too.

Think Positive: We are going to “BEAT CANCER”


My Cancer Tips


The Further you are in to Cancer the more `RAW´ your food must be.

Start the day by Juicing. You should see a major improvement in your health and energy in two weeks.

For Breakfast. Boost your body with Protein, Energy, Vitamins.

Understand all the possible side effects from your treatment. Be ready for them, and act on the signs before its to late!

Drink plenty of fluid. When you’re going through cancer treatment, it’s important that you don’t get dehydrated. When there isn’t enough water in your system, it can’t work the way it should.
Fluid has many jobs in your body:
Controls your heart rate and your blood pressure
Keeps your body temperature steady
Removes toxins and waste
Carries nutrients and oxygen around your body
Protects organs, tissues, and joints

Your Blood: I can not stress how important your blood is to your survival. Three years after the event I am fitter and healthier then I have been for many years. To check how my body is holding up I take a full blood test and compair it to previous tests. Your Blood test shows all.



See my daily Immunity boosting plan