How to use Bicarbonate & Soda ?

How to make and administer a dose of bicarbonate & soda.

I drank this solution first thing in the morning when my stomach was empty when the solution can have maximum effect on the liver.

We add honey to trick your liver into excepting something sweet.

I used this for 10 day then rested for 5 days.

My Bicarbonate & Soda Recipe

1 Take a small glass and add a tee spoon of bicarbonate & soda.

2 Add nearly boiling water about 3 mouth falls in quantity and mix, you will find that it all bubbles together.

3 Add a tea spoon of honey, mix until it melts.

4 Drink the solution.

Bicarbonate & Soda Video

Please watch this video, This Guy is really into the benefits of Bicarbonate & Soda.


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